The Process

How The Process Works

The initial consultation usually lasts about an hour and a half and includes a discussion about your requirements for the garden and advice on possible solutions.

I bring along a portfolio of my work and images of design ideas for you to look at.

Shortly after our meeting, I will send you a quote for the design and a client brief for agreement before any work goes ahead. When agreed, there will be a site survey and I will then produce plans for your approval.

Once the design has been finalised and drawn up, I can either hand the project over to you or oversee it myself with contractors whom I know well and trust.

From the outset, I will work with you to develop a concept that fires your imagination, meets your needs and keeps within your budget.

How much does it cost?

It is good to have in mind a budget for the whole project, as designs will be tailored to suit differing budgets. Planting plans may cost as little as £500 while a complete redesign and build (hard landscaping and planting) of a medium-sized town garden will start at £20K. Projects can be phased over a number of years in keeping with strict budgets. The design fees tend to work out at about 10%.

A complete redesign and rebuild of your garden will be a fabulous investment and naturally takes time. A well-designed garden will be a joy to watch mature as plants grow into their allotted spaces.

Gardens go through different stages of development and most need to be reassessed over time; plants grow, some may fail due to no ones fault, light changes and the owners have different needs. If seen as a positive thing, it allows you to experiment with different plants and ideas. As a garden owner, it’s also a good reason to have your designer at your side, guiding you through this process of change

Please note we will only be doing garden consultations until further notice.

A regular visit
from your
designer will
keep you on track
in terms of
what you want
to achieve
from your garden.


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